logo design

I have been working on this logo for a little while now, I think it’s pretty much done! all hand drawn, handmade font.. I was going to find a free font, but it just didn’t feel right after all the effort I put into drawing the male and female red cockatoo feathers.ITN02

Unleash Your Creativity! Black Bettys Drawing Class



Whether it be drawing, sculpting, acting, music, cooking.. hell, even sweeping floors or organizing paperwork in an office all day. Being creative is all about living with intention and focusing all your energy on the one task at hand.

  This is not your ordinary drawing class!

  I currently have spaces available for beautiful souls who would like to endeavour into the realm of creative thinking and feel like they need some basic guidance and techniques to kickstart them off onto their innovative journey! These classes are for all ages, both one on one or groups are welcome.

  I have travelled the world with my passion, and through my website and business I have mainly been specializing in comics and custom work, tattoo’s, logo’s, shirt designs and the like. As you’ll see here on my site, you’ll find a mixed brew of art! I cater to a mixed bag of tricks.

What I am offering is tailored drawing lessons, pumped with good energy, inspiration and the basic foundations and techniques that will help you see the world in a very different way when you want to sketch it down on paper. I know that everyone can draw and has a creative spark, it’s just a matter of our perception and discipline. This is where creative thinking steps in.

Creative thinking is all about utilizing your mind and senses to alter the way you view the world within you and around you, so you can get your creative energy flowing free and strong! Many of us don’t feel supported or ‘don’t feel good enough’ to actually stick to creative goals or accomplish our dreams. We get all excited about an idea, we feel that immense energy grow from our imagination and then we knock ourselves back and give up before we have even drawn the first line. Overthinking is the cause of this, so this is where we flip the coin, take control of our minds and get the power back!

Take a look around! our world is built on creativity!

The world is a playground!

As mentioned, I teach basic skills to cover the important stuff, but if you have anything in particular in mind that you want to learn, a certain style, comic book storyboarding, setting up a decent comic, portraits, shading, nature drawings etc, let me know so we can focus on your goal. It’s all about you and expanding your mind and perspective.

I teach from home or private. You’ll need a range of B to H pencils and paper. If you are unsure what you need, don’t hesitate to call me and I can answer any questions you might have. I will supply notes and worksheets. I charge by the hour, so it depends on how you prefer to work and what your availabilities are.

Please email or call with any queries you may have! I look forward to meeting some amazing people who want to get their hands dirty and start living that creatively free life that they always wanted.

Keep it real, love and light,

Black Betty

ph. 0466 433 734


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Bustin Out shots



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THANK YOU to everyone who came to The Bustin Out Exhibition!! here’s a few shots taken by my good friend Kylie and Tony Gajewski.

and thank you to all these crazy cool cats below!! 🙂

With Alex Chapman, Haylee Walton, Gaea AnastasPeter Betuel, Alan Allen and Izaac Buckley. All incredibly talented artists which I am stoked to have shared space with! thank you!

Thank you to Carolyn and Dilip for your Freo Love!

Thank you to everyone involved.


BUSTIN OUT exhibition! with my stuff!



Bustin Out Season 2 “New Visions” Fremantle Festival event at the Fibonacci Centre 19 Blinco Street

The second installment in the Bustin Out series. 9 of Perth’s most exciting upcoming visual artists form a collaborative and showcase their art to the community. Come and immerse yourself in this fresh wave of creativity and inspiration. All artworks for sale.
To complement the visual experience, music and food also provided.

Opening Night : Wednesday 29th Oct 6 -9pm
WHEN: Wednesday 29th Oct until exhibition close Wednesday 5th Nov

Please come check it out, it’s going to be bloodeh grrrrreat!! come drink wine with me..

..Because drinking wine alone just isn’t right..

Magical things

I was recently asked to do a logo for my awesome buddy. Mark wanted a dragonfly, but he wanted something out of the ordinary that would represent a big part of who he is, his contribution to the world and the amazing AMAZING inspiration he has drawn from dragonflies. Mark taught me that the larval stage of dragonflies have no exact time span on when they are ready to crawl (slime even?) their way up a reed, get some nice fresh air and metamorphose into an adult. It can take anywhere from a couple of months to two years apparently! Mark had an amazing way of comparing it to our evolution and personal journeys which we explore through our minds. We are all so different, and we all need our own time to work through things! a very cool thought. So! Mark wanted to implement a DNA strand as a tail, he mailed me a rough image of what he had visualised, and then I went for gold! I LOVE IT WHEN I GET FREE REIGNS! and I love how some people just trust me to come up with something that they will love. So thanks Mark for passing this great job onto me, it was really awesome to create this for you and your creative rebellion!


First steps..


The groovy symbolism in the wings are Galactic Butterflies called Hunab Ku. Hunab Ku represents the centre of our galaxy, and the source of the synchronic codes that evolve our consciousness. Very cool.. Mark wanted these implemented too, so I felt they worked really well as a part of the wing design.



I wanted to keep the style earthy, so I chose some colours that were toned down and delicate, working mainly with pencil and leaving it a little rough.. I love dirty pencil work.. I always end up with grotty hands. Again, Fantastic! After that, I worked in photoshop, adding a great texture and then colouring, finalizing with some extra layers with this and that.















And finally, this is the end result.


For more details, check out Mark Bentley and his creative rebellion right here!

Be The Seed – Kick cancer in the Teeth!

Keeping it real! ‘Be The Seed – Kick Cancer in The Teeth!’ an inspired follow up from facebook event “Help Brad Kick Cancer In The Teeth”. Through Indiegogo, I am GIVING AWAY two paintings and a shitload of vinyl stickers to help raise money and awareness for my buddies Kylie Farrell and Brad O’Brien. Facebook event here!

Please share this event with as many as possible! Thank you, I feel truly blessed X

a long time in the bat cave..

I have actually been drawing and stuff you know.. !! it’s not all about tea and Dylan Moran.. well.. not entirely.


For my beautiful gals wedding to her handsome man! a funky caricature for their wedding invite.. love to you both!


Logo design for MOIST clothing


There is so much more to this image to be revealed yet! print design for Doll Face Threads, Louise Hedley.. check out this design on upcoming leggings.


Sketch for Doll Face Threads


I love my hearts.. and I love my crew who love me drawing my hearts too 🙂 Not sure if I have posted this goodie.. love to you both, may your love grow like the vines and infiltrate your lives throughout all eternity!BRIDE05 MONSTER04

Both of these hot designs were created for Hells Blankets, grab them soon as mad crazy cushions for your bedroom, lounge room.. car.. check them out. www.hellsblankets.com 


Most recent idea for a logo design, something I am still working on.. better get back to it!

Krishna: A Journey Within – Graphic Novel by Abhishek Singh



This was definitely one of those Graphic Novels where the cover lured me in, I haven’t seen anything like it. Being surrounded by comics most of the time, especially when working in a comic store, I feel like I see a lot of the same styles go over and over again, so this was very refreshing. Even to the point of actually flicking through the pages to get a whiff of the story which would be waiting for me to read, I was again taken by the story line which is based on traditional Hindu religion. This story about Krishna is quite incredible and has a high focus on artwork. Words are used sparingly, but doesn’t lack power in any way. Less is more proves an incredibly valid point in this unique masterpiece, yes, it most definitely is a masterpiece.


“Krishna – A Journey Within” is an original piece written and illustrated by Abhishek Sing from India, published by Image in 2012. It tells the tale of Krishna, the Hindu ‘god of gods’ and has many insightful and wonderful pearls of wisdom to share. This book is timeless and has a real modern edge to it. The colours and almost psychadelic fanfare represent the magic and mystery of which most people link to Mother India, it’s a tale that bathes in vibrant ‘dyes’, stunning velvety imagery with a vivid imagination exploding to the surface.




 A searing, human portrayal of Krishna, the god of all gods awaits you in A JOURNEY WITHIN. Journey along through his pastimes that have swayed the ages. The final confrontation between the fire of man’s consuming greed to conquer all, and the supreme power of the Divine Spirit. – www.imagecomics.com

Awesome.. just awesome. This really shows that there are comics for every flavour. If you are keen for a look and if you love art, drop by Perth Comics Centre on 621 Hay Street Mall! There is one left at the moment!

Next up is ‘Superman: Grounded’ and I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on more local stuff! Love and Light X

BLUE by Pat Grant

I don’t cry very often.. unless I am out of wine or my comic book collection is missing a vital masterpiece which I truly love. Today I have been searching high and low for my copy of BLUE by Pat Grant, to no avail, so I hope I have lended it to someone who will treasure it as much as I do!




BLUE is created by aussie Pat Grant, a cool surfer guy who rocks out the beanie and the inks. He is also featured in wonderful aussie comic book doco Graphic Novels Melbourne, a film which I also can recommend if you like your indie crowd.


The artwork in BLUE had me straight away as I perused through it at Konikuniya in Sydney a few months ago. The sexy colour combo and the clean lines tickled my fancy.. I would have licked the book there and then, but I guess even I have limits. And the staff prolly would have thrown me out. So I quickly bought my copy, along with a few other gems, which I hope to blog about very soon, now that I am back from the South American jungle.


So, BLUE. This tale really catches the Australian culture (in some aspects) when it comes to our acceptance of immigrants to our big Island. It’s a sweet tale, very truthful and has some spark. Three rough (and hilarious!) kids from a beachside town pike school to go on an adventure to find a Blue creature splatted on the railway tracks. The language in the graphic novel is incredibly funny, these kids are proper aussie brats, the slang made me laugh and spray a little saliva onto the pages at some points reading through the book. These Blue creatures are slowly taking over the town, bit by bit and Pat has a cunning way of describing the ‘typical’ aussie attitude towards the newcomers. I think this novel was gutsy of Pat, I am definitely under the impression that he just wanted to create something which he really felt for, instead of going the traditional route of going for what other people might want to buy. In my books, this graphic novel should be a best-seller, if it isn’t already.


Okay, I am seriously going to have another look for it now.. but if you want to know more, please visit Top Shelf Comix here.