About Black Betty


Black Betty has had several work experiences within the comics and graphic design industry, starting in Copenhagen, Denmark. As a young girl, she shoved herself up the stairs to well known studio ‘Gimle’ (www.gimlestudio.dk) and was taught about comic book illustrating. Later she came in contact with ‘Tegn og Zitouch’, an accomplished illustrator on the popular Danish animation ‘Valhalla’ from 1986, who also taught her about the art of illustrating and how to use QuarkXpress to complete the artwork. Since then, Black Betty has mainly worked within the realms of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, creating comic strips in Denmark and getting stuck into the creative flow in Western Australia.

Black Betty came to Perth in 2004 to study Animation at Central Tafe. Since then, she has traveled to San Diego and San Francisco on several occasions to promote the comic ‘Invisible Girl’, illustrated by Black Betty in 2009. Black Betty has also painted customised pieces for Devilles Pad, a Las Vegas themed nightspot in the heart of Perth. Black Betty is also an accomplished underground logo designer, designing logo’s for Kittie Chaos, Buzz Kill Vamps, Retro Rocket and Carnies With Candy which have sparked great attention in the Perth arts scene. Tattoo designs, business cards, post cards, shirt designs, invitations and posters are Black Betty’s specialty, but there is no limit to what this little critter can do or draw.

Lady Black Betty – Grotesque Burlesque

You might recognize Black Betty from the 2011 Fremantle Street Arts Festival where she represented the entire Festival through the marketing campaign, and also not failing to mention that Black Betty, under the alias Lady Black Betty Grotesque Burlesque, performed as the final performer on the Sunday evening Cabaret show at the Fremantle Town Hall. Lady Black Betty performs deliciously wicked Grotesque Burlesque performances with Perth based troupe, Carnies With Candy (www.carnieswithcandy.com), her special vibe being ‘that dead girl next door’ which you never got the chance with! well, that girl has risen from her damp grave and is thrusting and grinding her way on stage, flicking congealed blood left and right. This is not your usual Burlesque people. Be warned. This Dame has lived once, and will do it again! Clutching to her bottle of Bowmores and Churchill cigar, this Lady Black Betty is not about flower press and fluffy kittens.

If you find yourself intrigued and would like to know more about Black Betty’s modeling and illustration, don’t hesitate to contact her through the contact form to your right.

If Lady Black Betty’s Grotesque Burlesque performance tickles your fancy, please contact Nadina Vagg (Manager and Creator) through the Carnies With Candy website. www.carnieswithcandy.com


Alternative Model

Black Betty is a highly skilled alternative model, currently residing in Perth WA. Black Betty has been fortunate enough to work with some of Perth’s most respectable leading photographers, MUA’s, musicians and performers including David Woolley, Otilee, Siouxane Martincic and Jeff Martin (The Tea Party) to name a few.

Black Betty is also an experienced performer within the Perth arts & entertainments scene, performing along with Carnies With Candy, a dark underground performance troupe which has been receiving extensive recognition over the last three years.