Mindful Expansion Drawing Workshop + Creative Thinking

Dearest Souls,

It has been nearly a year and it is now time to bring back the creativity for our winter months ahead.

This workshop is for everyone and anyone who wishes to explore their mind through drawing. Although you will be refreshing/learning basic drawing tools, this is not your ordinary drawing class. We will be going beyond the mind to unlock those pathways that lead to following our intuition and purpose.

Whether it be drawing, sculpting, acting, music, cooking, sweeping floors or organizing paperwork in an office all day, being creative is all about living with intention and focusing all your energy on the one task at hand! with the right mental attitude, you can make anything happen. It’s time to work on reaching your full potential!

This workshop is designed to help you open up to your thought patterns relating to drawing the first stroke on your paper. These thought patterns may repeat in other areas of our lives, blocking us where we desire to excel. Through observing the mind through drawing, we gracefully become aware of our fears and how to overcome procrastination set backs.

What I will be covering over 4 weeks (1 1/2 hours from 6.30pm-8.00pm):

– Kicking your creative potential in action!
– Basic drawing Skills and techniques!
– Mindfulness and observing techniques!
– Supportive, fun and nourishing environment!
– Anxiety, fear and procrastination!
– Maintaining positive mental growth to kep you going on your journey!

Tea and coffee available.

This is a small group of maximum 8 people, so please sign up as soon as you can to secure your space. The cost for the entire 4 weeks is $140, and a deposit must be made to secure your spot.

If desirable, we may add an additional 5th class to share and connect. This class will be free of charge for all participants, everyone will be encouraged to bring a plate of food to share along with an open mind.

This is judgement free zone, so please bring an open mind 🙂

A bit about me, I am a Perth based performer and artist who ventures in the realms of burlesque, comedy, music, childrens entertainment, comic illustration, raw food and art. I like to push my own limits and boundaries to create new experiences and insight into my own personal journey.

I grew up in Denmark Europe, Qatar and Australia, and I love travel, it’s what makes me buzz!

I truly believe that life is what we make it. Being an artist myself, I am familiar with the contrasts of highs and lows one can experience through the creative journey, however, over the last few years I have moreso worked with the positive energies in relation to these emotions. Every emotion is valid, it’s just how we choose to react which is key. This applies to all levels of life. This is why this workshop is not only about how to create art, but how we perceive our goals, dreams and expected outcomes.

Feel free to email or sms me with any questions on either blackbetty@jazzombie.com or 0466 433 734

Deep love,

Black Betty


It’s time for some dirty dirty filthy action in Fremantle at the old fly trap. Carnies With Candy will be putting on some performances, which are WELL overdue! plenty of music to saturate your tastebuds.. step right up! poster by yours truly X


Holy Cows

Sleepy times in winter.. celebrating life on this planet X



I have a couple of sheeps skulls thanks to some beautiful peeps, but if you come across any, please get in touch.